Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Washington DC Part 1: Trip/Arrival

We left San Francisco at 10 in the morning, taking a 4 hour plane ride and arrived in DC at about 5.  We boarded a super shuttle, to Bethesda, however because of rush hour, our journey took 1-1 1/2 hours.  Finally, we arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Bethesda.  After spending an hour or so, unpacking, we decided to go out and have dinner. We went to a famous crab house, The Bethesda Crab House.  Their specialty dish, was 12 crabs any size steamed with cajun spice. We ordered the Xtra-Large crabs, which we went though happily.  They also served, shrimp, and sides such as Corn, and coleslaw.  After dinner, we went for a walk and headed back to the hotel.  That concludes our 1st day in DC.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Washington DC

Washington DC, a beautiful city, filled with parks, museums, and a diversity of restaurants.  This is the beginning of a 5-part post that I will be posting soon.  Part 1 is the Trip/arrival, Part 2 is Day 1, Part 3 is Day 2, Part 4 is Day 3. Part 5, is the conclusion. Anyways, see you soon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Time of Your Life

Wow....its been a fun few days.
When we were supposed to celebrate the end of exams, by going to paintball at 147.  However, due to the bad weather, it was postponed to Sunday, meanwhile Young, Alex, Paulina, Daniel, Emily, Pelix, and I met at Ginnie's house.  There we spent the whole afternoon, gaming and watching movies.  We played Brawl, and then tried to watch John Tucker Must Die, however the PS3 sound wouldn't work.  Alex and I spent a whole hour just trying to get it work. Finally, Alex and I gave up, and we watched the movie with subtitles.
On Friday, I celebrated my 15th birthday, by going to the waterpark.  I invited 20 people this year, and all of them came.  People that came include: Me, Kendra, Young, Paulina, Alex, Ginnie, Jinnie, Sarah W, Sarah K, Sarah Y, Tasha, Pelix, Kevin, Lydia, Ann, Hannah, Iris, Emily, David, Sydney, and Yuka.  We went by 3 taxis, and one car.  There, we spent half the day having a blast.  I tried to hang out with everyone, but I mainly stuck with Ginnie and Emily, towards the end.  We three went on the UFO many times, while also testing other guys to see if we could get a faster ride.  We were the best combo ever, and I became a pimp. LOL.  In the end, Pelix was one of the better ones.  We did the lazy river, which involved Pelix and I, massaging Emily and Ginnie. Finally, when we were all tired and cold, we split  up, with most of the girls going to Tasha's house, while some of us went to Young's.  We had dinner, and went home.
On Sunday...We finally went paintballing....while it wasn't as awesome as the last few days, it was very exhilarating.  I got shot a couple times, and nearly got pegged by my own teammates too. was very fun...and it was very awesome.  I wish that these few days would have continued....SIGH..well leaving for Cali tomorrow, so should be fun.