Monday, February 6, 2017

LA Food Truck Reviews #5: White Rabbit Truck

You ever have that feeling of anticipation, that bubbling in your stomach, that knowledge that the food is going to be amazing right when you order?  That's the feeling I had when I ordered from White Rabbit Truck.  I was set on getting curry from Okamoto's Kitchen, and while I did, I saw the White Rabbit Truck parked right behind, and I knew I had to try something.  White Rabbit Truck specializes in fusion Filipino cuisine.  They combine typical Mexican street food: tacos, burritos and quesadillas, with Flipino proteins and preparation.

I ordered the Pork Sisig Burrito which was 10$.  Pork Sisig is typically chopped up leftover pork bits like ears, tails, livers, etc.  Their pork sisig is made with fried pork belly.  It is then finished by chopped and pan fried with a medley of onions and jalapenos.  The burrito is wrapped in a flour tortilla comes with garlic rice, a fried egg and cheese, but I opted to have no cheese.

If I didn't care about my writing, I would say that there are no words that could fully and truly describe my experience with that burrito.  To me, it was the same degree of elation that I imagined members of the crowd of 5,000 had when Jesus broke bread and fish for all of them.  I was a bit giddy when I first bit into it.  There were so many things happening.  There's the aromatic garlic rice, the punch of the spiciness from the jalapenos, the chewiness of the pork belly, the soft silkiness of the fried egg; everything was just so good.  The burrito was so powerful in all of the flavors and textures, it was perfect.  Every bite wanted to barrage me with the intensity of flavors from the pork to the spicy aromatics.  The pork belly was a bit chewy, which provided a texture contrast from the soft enveloping from the rice and the tortilla.  The egg helped smooth the flavors out and really stretched out the mouth feel.  I couldn't remember the last time I had been so immensely satisfied with that burrito.  For what it was, I feel like it could be the greatest breakfast burrito of all time.  It had everything to wake someone up: a bit of heat, a bit of protein, carbs; it's perfect.

I would also like to briefly mention their lumpias, which are fried egg rolls.  After mentioning how I would review their food, they wanted me to try their lumpias which were quite good.  The filling was a mix of ground pork and shaved pickled carrot.  The skin was quite crispy, but a bit cold due to the fact that it wasn't served immediately after being fried, but still quite good.

Unfortunately, they don't currently have a regular scheduled appearance in Eagle Rock, but I do hope they come back.  It would be terrible if, like their name, being elusive and hidden, forcing me to chase after it.  I cannot wait for them to be back in the future, and I look forward to trying other things on their menu.  You can find them on their website, linked above, and their Twitter handle is: @WhiteRabbitTruk.