Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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I am starting some new posts. If I have a story or an essay that I thought was really good, I will post it under Personal Files and just comment on these files.

Stem Cells

Imagine you are walking across the road and all of a sudden, you are hit by a car and you are paralyzed for life. You would have to be confined in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. There wouldn’t be anything the local doctors could do for you. However, scientists have been researching and experimenting with stem cells. They have successfully, transformed stem cells into spinal cord tissue and other organs. But, if you are religious, your religion might be against this practice. Because of stem cell research, people with medical conditions can be cured; however, many religious groups disagree with this practice.

Stem cells are the first divisions of a chemically fertilized egg. These cells divide until an organism is created. After the first few divisions of cells, specialized cells are created. Specialized cells are cells that have a specific job such as, blood cells, brain cells and skin cells. Specialized stem cells are like the CEOs of different companies, while unspecialized cells are the rookies. Unspecialized cells are the first divisions of the eggs. They have no specific job and can transform into other cells with the right stimulus. They are like people without jobs, so that when they go find a job, they become specialized. These adult stem cells can repair damaged tissue or replace certain organs in your body. Adult stem cells are like bandages except they are on the inside of your body. Scientists experimenting with stem cells drawn from umbilical cord blood have proven to be a rich source. If scientists have only experimented blood withdrawn from the umbilical blood have they stopped experimenting in other places? Even stem cells have only cured a handful of patients, it has been proven that it is a cure.

Because of the research restrictions, there has been an equal amount of success and failure. People say that stem cells cannot only give life but, they can take it away. For example, “… research shows they (stem cells) also have the propensity to form tumors.” Higher dosages of primitive stem cells can create tumors. Haven’t scientists discover why these primitive stem cells create tumors? Why don’t they just destroy the ones that are primitive. Are stem cells still so hard to predict? However, some people have used it and have had success. Greg Minow fell off his bike and left him paralyzed. After a stem cell transplant, he can feel his hips and the tops of his legs. Carl Sell had congestive heart failure. After using stem cells from his bone marrow, he is better. Stem cells can be used to save people’s lives, but does everyone want this treatment?

Because of their belief that life is sacred, many religious groups such as the U.S Catholic Bishops say that “[stem cell]research is immoral, illegal and unnecessary. Life is sacred from the moment of conception.” The Religious Action Center of Reform Juadisim say that “Research is immoral and unethical.” My pastor believes that taking someone’s future son or daughter and turning them into someones’ future organs or tissue is unethical. I was researching this with my pastor when, I discovered this Bible Passage: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27. When scientists create life through stem cells, they are literally playing God. I think that when scientists create life through stem cells they are interfering with God’s Children. Because of religions many patients have not used stem cells, but they are a cure.

Because of scientists and research stem cell is not a sci-fi idea, but a miracle cure for palyzed patients and people that have heart failure. However, because of religion, this cure has been prohibited by the Christian communities. Christians believe this is immoral, unetheical and that scientists are playing God. While researchers and doctors may indeed be playing God when using stem cells, these chemically fertilized cells have been proven a cure for medical conditions impossible to cure in the past.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bored With The Usual, Try This: Whitewater Rafting in Tahoe

Are you bored of amusement parks and movie theaters? Well, come on down to Lake Tahoe's Whitewater Tours. This trip is loaded with a lot of Class 1's to some Class 2's and 3's; it starts easy and gets harder. Perfect for first-timers and families with little ones. It is one of the best ways to see river life and to experience the thrill of whitewater rafting. When you go, you will have an experienced guide to help and show you the scenes along the river. Once you have gone, you can brag to your friends how you survive this exciting journey.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yankee Pier, an elegant Seafood restaurant

Yankee Pier in Lafayette is a lively, vibrant seafood restaurant. Like any seafood restaurant, it serveda wide variety of delicasies. From raw Cherrystone clams, to fried calamari, Hawaiian Mahi Mahi, to traditional New England Clam Chowder; this place has it all. I had the medium New England Clam Chowder as an appitizer, had a Cherrystone clam and had the Captain's Platter for the Entree. The Captain's Platter, contained fried Pacific Rock fish, fried beer-battered shrimp and full belly clams. On the side, there was coleslaw and french fries. Now, come to the Yankee Pier during July, and you can get a bottle of wine half price for their July 4 special. So come to Lafayette where you can dine on this magnificent seafood.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Book of Eternal Sadness: The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner, a story of a forbidden friendship, betrayal and eternal sadness. This book starts slow buts ends fast. The main characters are Amir, a young Arab boy, and Hassan a young Hazaran servant. (During this time period Hazaras were known as Kofr or infidels. Many people were racist against the Hazaras and during the Taliban, many were killed.) Amir and Hassan were best friends except that Hassan was Amir's servant.
Everyday, Hassan would prepare Amir's breakfast and watch him go to school. In those days, during winter, they would have a kite flying tornument. They would attack each others kites and whosever survived, won. Many children would then try to catch the losing kite because it was an honor to have the kite. The children who tried to catch them were called, Kite Runners. Hassan was a great kite runner. He had a 6th sense and would wait until the kite came his way. Well, Amir and Hassan constructed a beutiful kite and flew it in the tornument. They won and Hassan went off to find the losing kite. After he got it, he was ambushed by the neighborhood bullies. While Hassan was being pummeled, the coward Amir watched as his friend was attacked.
After the ordeal, Hassan began living a quiet lifestyle. He rarely talked with Amir and just did his duties. Amir however, didn't know how to react and just ignored him. Months later during Amir's birthday, he recieved a new watch and lots of money. For some reason, Amir stuffed his new watch and some money into Hassan's sleeping matress and told his dad the Hassan stole it. Thus, this ended their friendship and began the sadness.
Later in the book, when Amir is an adult, Amir gets a call from one of his father's friends still living in Afghanistan. Amir finds out that Hassan was his half-brother and he had a son who was kidnapped by the Taliban forces and begins to find a way to get him back. At the end, Amir has Sohrab, Hassan's son, and is living happily in America.
This book I think, is a book of sadness and guilt. The dam of sadness and guilt breaks when Amir betrays Hassan. I believe that this book will be very hard for many readers because, many haven't experienced such guilt or sadness. If you are a reader looking for a challenge, this is a good one.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Comparison between Chinese Cinderella and Boy Cont.

As I have said before, Roald Dahl had a eventful childhood and has written about it in his book, Boy. Roald Dahl was very mischeivious and got into trouble several times. One of the great anecdotes was about Roald Dahl, sticking a dead rat into a nearby candy store jar. Later you read about him going to Boarding School and getting beaten many times. Boy can be called an autobiography, but, he only wrote about his memerobale childhood. CC and Boy both have sad moments but, CC has even sadder parts. After CC there is "Falling Leaves" which is a even more in depth story about her childhood plus her adulthood. After Boy we have, "Flying Solo which is about Roald Dahl's Adultlife. Thank you for reading.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Comparison of Two Books: Chinese Cinderella and Boy

Here is a comparison of two books, Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah, and Boy, by Roald Dahl. Both books are stories from their childhoods. Adeline was treated badly and was beaten often while, Roald Dahl was your average mischievous boy who got in trouble like any other boy. In CC, we learn that Adeline's position in the family was better than a local garbage collector but, treated as a slave. Adeline had a very bad childhood. Her step-mother was just like a strict prison warden. She forbid friends over and also beated Adeline. Adeline's step-mother sent Adeline to many boarding school in Shanghai. However, Adeline's dad was very timid and punished Adeline because her step-mother told him. Adeline, though had some good times. One time, Adeline wrote a essay for a state-wide contest and won. When Adeline's father found out, he was ecstatic. Compared to Roald Dahl's childhood, it was torture.

Find out about Boy next time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Indian Cusine at the Cafe India

Looking for a great Indian Restaurant in Taipei? Well, I have got a place for you. Cafe India is a small but great Indian Cuisine. Their food can be spicy for some but not spicy for others. I believe that people who don't eat spicy foods regularly might find this place a little too mild for your taste. Our family tried some delicacies that were somewhat in the middle of the range of spiciness. If you are in to spicy foods, I would recommend the papadum which is a spicy Indian Cracker. Very crunchy but rather spicy. Our family enjoyed the Butter Chicken with Garlic Nann Bread as well as the lamb curry. This restaurant can be found in TienMu: 30, KoQiang Rd., Taipei, 1F(Near TienMu Swimming Pool). I would recommend this restaurant because of its great food and lovely service.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande Veld

Book Review By Nicholas Yeh in Mrs. Pettigrew's class

Win the Game!! OR begin again, and again, and again…. This Book!!! Heir Apparent is a Sci-Fi based on a medieval video game. Giannine, the girl in this book gets a video game coupon for her birthday. She goes to the company and chooses a game to play there. The objective if the game is to prove your mother, 3 half-brothers and other barbarians that you are the heir to the throne. As she plays, a group of rioters outside of the building sabotage the gaming equipment causing Giannine to keep playing or else she dies. Soon she embarks on her quest to prove herself. She has to find the magic ring, find the stolen treasure, answer the dwarf’s riddles, come up with a poem for a head chopping statue and so much more. This book will keep you excited and energize till the end.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top 4 Strategy Games (In my Opinion)

AT Number4 we have, Supreme Commander!! Supreme Commander is based on three factions: The UEF, The Cybrans and The Aeon. The UEF is mainly an Earth based empire. The Crybrans are Genetic Mutations of humans. The Aeon are peace aliens that fight to create peace. Each faction uses land forces such as, tanks and robots. Air Force, which consists of Bombers and Fighters. Navy which consist of battleships, subs and destroyers. You control a huge robot that builds factories that produce such forces. This is a number 4 because it is hard to play and hard to get the storyline well.

A Number 3, we have Red Alert 2 and its expansion pack Yuri's Revenge. Red Alert 2 is about a war between America and the Soviet Union. Using some futuristic technology, you can witness a great war between both factions. In Yuri's Revenge, Yuri is a power crazed maniac that uses mind control to win the war. After the Americans defeat the Soviet Union, Yuri arises and tries to take over the world. This game is a 3 because of the cheesy videos and the weird futuristic technology. Also, this game has really weird sound effects.

At Number 2, We have Command and Conquer Generals. Generals is again based on three factions. This time they are modern day factions. We have, the Technological Advanced Americans. Next we have the Innumerable Chinese Army. Finally, we have the power crazed Global Liberation Army which is mainly a Middle Eastern group. This game is a modern warfare game. Using many forces that are used nowadays. However, there are some futuristic items in our game. For example, the Americans have created a tank called the Paladin Tank. It is mainly a normal tank except is has a laser that can destroy missiles. In its expansion pack called: Generals Zero Hour, you can use computer generated generals that have special capabilities that are different to one another. I gave this a number 2 because the graphics on this game was great, but it was also very challenging.

And Finally, at Number 1, we have Empire at War and its expansion pack, Forces of Corruption. In the original Empire at War, the game basically follows the original last 3 movies, storyline. The game ends when the 1st Deaths Star is destroyed. This action packed game uses many original forces seen in the movies. In Forces of Corruption, you use a new faction called the Zann Consortium. They plan to conquer the galaxy using corruption. The storyline begins with Tyber Zann(Your Major Hero) breaking out of jail. You help him destroy the Empire and raid the Emperor's Personal Vaults. I give this Game a 1 because of the in depth graphics and the creative storyline. Not to mention the exciting battles you can play in this great game.

Thank You for reading my Top 4 Strategy Games Post. Please make comments.


Nick Yeh

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Funniest Movie Ever: The Longest Yard

This movie is the funniest movie ever made. It all starts out will Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) is drunk at his girlfriends party watching football. Paul Crewe was convicted of shaving points in his earlier football career. So, he steals his girlfriends car and sets out driving with an 8-Pack of Beer. He soons starts speeding and, all of a sudden there are squad cars and police helicopters chasing him. Finally, he piles into a group of police cars, and thus ends the chase. Paul is then sent to jail where the warden forces him to help his jail guard football team. Paul soon assembles a team of prisoners and soon schedules a game with the warden's team. Now if I tell me more, I will spoil the ending. This is a funny movie some wild swearing. Just watch it and you'll like it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Food in General

I believe that American food in general have bigger portion than other places in the world. For example, the first time we ate KFC in America, I was surprised that the KFC bucket was really big. After that incident I had to adapt to the large portions of food. Many restaurants have huge plates stuffed with food. I think that if people would make smaller portions, it would be easier to eat.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hotel One in Taichung

When someone says about Hotel One, a new hotel in Taichung, I think about the great service at the hotel. For example, when I was there one time I was going up to grab some pancakes for breakfast. Just as I got it, a waiter came by and said the pancakes were too dry and that he would ask the cook to make some better ones. He also said that he will bring me some when he was done. After this happened, I was so shocked because many other hotels don't really care if the pancakes were dry or not. While we were at Hotel One, we stayed in a huge room with two bedrooms. Each room had a huge tv in front of the bed. Amenities such as high-speed internet access, iPod connection, in-room printer for your computer, decent size room and nicely appointed bathroom. Also, you can find stationary items in the desk under the TV. Furthermore, services provided from the front-desk, to the restaurant, were low-key but attentive. Location -wise, Hotel One's location which is close to several museum and parks is anther big plus for visitors to Taichung. I think that Hotel One is a 5-star hotel because of the service and ammenities. I would recommend tourists who are looking for some luxury, should go to this hotel.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


An early Clive Cussler book, this is a interesting story with a lot of adventure and some humor. The story starts from a pilot named Kitty Mannock who crash in the dry Sahara. Also it starts during a Civil War battle where Southern Sailors prepare to leave port with a kidnapped Abraham Lincoln. The main characters in this story is, Dirk Pitt: A NUMA marine engineer who is the main adventurous in this story; Al Giordino: Dirk Pitt's Assistant The story rages on with a illegal mining facility to a missing Ironclad in the Sahara. However, if you have watched the movie but haven't read the book, you are in for a big surprise. First of all, the movie does not mention Kitty Mannock or Abraham Lincoln. Second of all, many characters in the book did not appear in the movie like St. Julien Permultter, a scholar. Finally, one of the most interesting part of the story was when U.N Special Forces get trapped in a old Fort was not in the movie. So, I think that the book is way better than the movie.
This story is great for adventure fans.