Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 1 Day 1 (Questions)

Wow...first day, while the SAT itself wasn't that bad, it was after I took it, when I found out that I had a ton of stuff to do.  I studied the wrong vocab words which meant I had to cram them, and also I have to do make-up homework.  Sigh...tomorrow is another day.

In other news, I got a job! Teaching bono...not that I mind.

Today is my birthday in Taipei, and tomorrow is my birthday here...XD.

Thank you all my friends (who actually read this) for wishing me a happy birthday!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 1 Day 0 (The Beginning)

Well its official, tomorrow I begin my Elite SAT Cram Course.  While I did take a practice SAT on Saturday, I am so not looking forward to tomorrow's SAT.   Anyways, this post was just my way of ranting before tomorrow.

Good Luck (to myself)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 0, Day 0 (The Horror)

Hey, my non-existent readers, this summer I plan to blog daily about this new SAT Cram Course I will be partaking.  This will be a interesting way to practice my writing, as well as throw in some vocabulary to make me sound prestigious, when in actuality I will sound pretentious and perhaps deranged.  Wish me luck as I endure the hellish journey in which I will have to complete over a time span of 6 weeks.  I pray that I won't become a lifeless cadaver afterwards.

As first impressions go, Jack Sung, the "director"(?) or "founder" of this Elite program, has failed.  When I first met him, he was: short, seemed to have OCD and quite downright depressing.  After a few minutes talking with him, I was more or less correct. He was short, most definitely OCD and very depressing.  The way he described the sheer amount of work I would be partaking, was so depressing, it took me all of my willpower to not stab myself with the pens on his desk.  An example week, he explained, had the following:
Monday: SAT Test - Lesson with Writing Teacher
Tuesday: Lesson with Writing/Reading/Math Teacher (Quiz?)
Wednesday: Same
Thursday: Same
Friday: Same (Vocabulary Quiz?)

Also, he explained that each day I would have to memorize 50 SAT words, which would later be tested at the end of the week. (250 words a week)  Each week would be the same.  No breaks, no fun, no actual "summer" life.  4.5 hours of class a day, and 3 hours of homework every night.  Goes to show you that this summer will be quite depressing and downright suicidal.  It seems that the only people that are filled with zeal over this class, are my parents and the TAS parents that recommended this program.

Notice: Due to the nature of this blog-post and subsequent posts, anyone who has gone, or is affiliated to the Elite Educational Institute, please do not take these words by heart, and only regard them as one's thoughts of the matter.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What a day...

WOW....I had so much fun today.  The level of fun I experienced was unimaginable.  Today was my early (very early) birthday party.  I had planned for paintball 3 weeks ago, but it was rained out.  This postponed event became the best I have had in the last 3 years (as I went to the waterpark all 3 years).  We began rather later, as we left at about 11, whereas last year we left at around 9.  After arriving at around 11:40, Pelix, Paulina, Ginnie, Daniel and I first went to the UFO, which was pretty great, but because we didn't have Emily for our Best Combo Ever, it wasn't as epic.  After doing a couple more turns, we switched to a different ride.  (Currently, I am not sure what the ride is called, but for now it shall be named: Dual-Pink Tube Ride.) This ride was ok, as I sat by myself due to the fact that we had an odd number, however it was quite fun as sometimes I fell of my tube and had to propel myself forward to get to it.  It wasn't very dangerous, but it made me realize what a "bob-sled" team felt like.  Seeing as the Tarzan Rope/Slide was finally open, we decided to definitely try it out.  It was very fun, as all of us attempted to do some crazy swing/jump but most of us ended failing.   After, we all decided to be brave and do the Twisty/Free-fall slide.  Now me being brave and all, decided to do the Free-fall slides.  At first it was pretty exhilarating, but after a few rounds I got pretty bored of it.  After about 15 minutes, we headed towards the center to have lunch.  As tradition, after lunch we went to the Lazy River to let our food digest.  There we took some underwater pictures, relaxed, basically a long cool down.  Afterwards, we met up with Emily and Young, where we quickly decided to head back to the Tarzan Rope/Slide in case it closed again.  After another couple more rounds, we headed back tot he UFO where we reunited the Best Combo Ever, our first ride was the best, as we all were quite full after lunch, therefore increasing the mass.  After once again, rotating the people we went back to the Dual-Pink Tube Ride, the Twisty/Free-fall slide, the Huge Castle of Water, and finally back to the Lazy River.  Once again we took pictures, and relaxed.

After the waterpark, we all packed into two cabs and headed to ACC.  There we went to the Jacuzzi and the pool, where we played around, took pictures and had tons of fun.  Afterwards, we had dinner at ACC and basically that was the end of my Birthday party.  All in all, I had tons of fun with all my friends, and I hope 365 days can go by faster.