Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Stem Cells

Imagine you are walking across the road and all of a sudden, you are hit by a car and you are paralyzed for life. You would have to be confined in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. There wouldn’t be anything the local doctors could do for you. However, scientists have been researching and experimenting with stem cells. They have successfully, transformed stem cells into spinal cord tissue and other organs. But, if you are religious, your religion might be against this practice. Because of stem cell research, people with medical conditions can be cured; however, many religious groups disagree with this practice.

Stem cells are the first divisions of a chemically fertilized egg. These cells divide until an organism is created. After the first few divisions of cells, specialized cells are created. Specialized cells are cells that have a specific job such as, blood cells, brain cells and skin cells. Specialized stem cells are like the CEOs of different companies, while unspecialized cells are the rookies. Unspecialized cells are the first divisions of the eggs. They have no specific job and can transform into other cells with the right stimulus. They are like people without jobs, so that when they go find a job, they become specialized. These adult stem cells can repair damaged tissue or replace certain organs in your body. Adult stem cells are like bandages except they are on the inside of your body. Scientists experimenting with stem cells drawn from umbilical cord blood have proven to be a rich source. If scientists have only experimented blood withdrawn from the umbilical blood have they stopped experimenting in other places? Even stem cells have only cured a handful of patients, it has been proven that it is a cure.

Because of the research restrictions, there has been an equal amount of success and failure. People say that stem cells cannot only give life but, they can take it away. For example, “… research shows they (stem cells) also have the propensity to form tumors.” Higher dosages of primitive stem cells can create tumors. Haven’t scientists discover why these primitive stem cells create tumors? Why don’t they just destroy the ones that are primitive. Are stem cells still so hard to predict? However, some people have used it and have had success. Greg Minow fell off his bike and left him paralyzed. After a stem cell transplant, he can feel his hips and the tops of his legs. Carl Sell had congestive heart failure. After using stem cells from his bone marrow, he is better. Stem cells can be used to save people’s lives, but does everyone want this treatment?

Because of their belief that life is sacred, many religious groups such as the U.S Catholic Bishops say that “[stem cell]research is immoral, illegal and unnecessary. Life is sacred from the moment of conception.” The Religious Action Center of Reform Juadisim say that “Research is immoral and unethical.” My pastor believes that taking someone’s future son or daughter and turning them into someones’ future organs or tissue is unethical. I was researching this with my pastor when, I discovered this Bible Passage: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27. When scientists create life through stem cells, they are literally playing God. I think that when scientists create life through stem cells they are interfering with God’s Children. Because of religions many patients have not used stem cells, but they are a cure.

Because of scientists and research stem cell is not a sci-fi idea, but a miracle cure for palyzed patients and people that have heart failure. However, because of religion, this cure has been prohibited by the Christian communities. Christians believe this is immoral, unetheical and that scientists are playing God. While researchers and doctors may indeed be playing God when using stem cells, these chemically fertilized cells have been proven a cure for medical conditions impossible to cure in the past.