Monday, May 26, 2008

The Book of Eternal Sadness: The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner, a story of a forbidden friendship, betrayal and eternal sadness. This book starts slow buts ends fast. The main characters are Amir, a young Arab boy, and Hassan a young Hazaran servant. (During this time period Hazaras were known as Kofr or infidels. Many people were racist against the Hazaras and during the Taliban, many were killed.) Amir and Hassan were best friends except that Hassan was Amir's servant.
Everyday, Hassan would prepare Amir's breakfast and watch him go to school. In those days, during winter, they would have a kite flying tornument. They would attack each others kites and whosever survived, won. Many children would then try to catch the losing kite because it was an honor to have the kite. The children who tried to catch them were called, Kite Runners. Hassan was a great kite runner. He had a 6th sense and would wait until the kite came his way. Well, Amir and Hassan constructed a beutiful kite and flew it in the tornument. They won and Hassan went off to find the losing kite. After he got it, he was ambushed by the neighborhood bullies. While Hassan was being pummeled, the coward Amir watched as his friend was attacked.
After the ordeal, Hassan began living a quiet lifestyle. He rarely talked with Amir and just did his duties. Amir however, didn't know how to react and just ignored him. Months later during Amir's birthday, he recieved a new watch and lots of money. For some reason, Amir stuffed his new watch and some money into Hassan's sleeping matress and told his dad the Hassan stole it. Thus, this ended their friendship and began the sadness.
Later in the book, when Amir is an adult, Amir gets a call from one of his father's friends still living in Afghanistan. Amir finds out that Hassan was his half-brother and he had a son who was kidnapped by the Taliban forces and begins to find a way to get him back. At the end, Amir has Sohrab, Hassan's son, and is living happily in America.
This book I think, is a book of sadness and guilt. The dam of sadness and guilt breaks when Amir betrays Hassan. I believe that this book will be very hard for many readers because, many haven't experienced such guilt or sadness. If you are a reader looking for a challenge, this is a good one.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Comparison between Chinese Cinderella and Boy Cont.

As I have said before, Roald Dahl had a eventful childhood and has written about it in his book, Boy. Roald Dahl was very mischeivious and got into trouble several times. One of the great anecdotes was about Roald Dahl, sticking a dead rat into a nearby candy store jar. Later you read about him going to Boarding School and getting beaten many times. Boy can be called an autobiography, but, he only wrote about his memerobale childhood. CC and Boy both have sad moments but, CC has even sadder parts. After CC there is "Falling Leaves" which is a even more in depth story about her childhood plus her adulthood. After Boy we have, "Flying Solo which is about Roald Dahl's Adultlife. Thank you for reading.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Comparison of Two Books: Chinese Cinderella and Boy

Here is a comparison of two books, Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah, and Boy, by Roald Dahl. Both books are stories from their childhoods. Adeline was treated badly and was beaten often while, Roald Dahl was your average mischievous boy who got in trouble like any other boy. In CC, we learn that Adeline's position in the family was better than a local garbage collector but, treated as a slave. Adeline had a very bad childhood. Her step-mother was just like a strict prison warden. She forbid friends over and also beated Adeline. Adeline's step-mother sent Adeline to many boarding school in Shanghai. However, Adeline's dad was very timid and punished Adeline because her step-mother told him. Adeline, though had some good times. One time, Adeline wrote a essay for a state-wide contest and won. When Adeline's father found out, he was ecstatic. Compared to Roald Dahl's childhood, it was torture.

Find out about Boy next time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Indian Cusine at the Cafe India

Looking for a great Indian Restaurant in Taipei? Well, I have got a place for you. Cafe India is a small but great Indian Cuisine. Their food can be spicy for some but not spicy for others. I believe that people who don't eat spicy foods regularly might find this place a little too mild for your taste. Our family tried some delicacies that were somewhat in the middle of the range of spiciness. If you are in to spicy foods, I would recommend the papadum which is a spicy Indian Cracker. Very crunchy but rather spicy. Our family enjoyed the Butter Chicken with Garlic Nann Bread as well as the lamb curry. This restaurant can be found in TienMu: 30, KoQiang Rd., Taipei, 1F(Near TienMu Swimming Pool). I would recommend this restaurant because of its great food and lovely service.